Kepemimpinan Kepala Madrasah dalam Mengembangkan Budaya Mutu di MAN Model Jember

Sugeng Listyo Prabowo


Abstract: This study aimed at: 1) describing the characteristics of quality culture in the MAN Model
Jember, 2) getting an overview of the leadership steps taken by the principal of the Madrasah in developing
a quality culture of in the MAN Model Jember, 3) getting a description of efforts made by the principal to
eliminate resistance in the quality culture development in the MAN Model Jember, and 4) obtaining an
overview of achievements as a result of a quality culture development in the MAN Model Jember. This study
is case study designed research using the informants’ determination snowballing technique in which the
principal of the Madrasah is the key informants. The data was taken by using the in-depth interview
technique, participant observation, and document retrieval. The data collected was then analyzed using
theme analysis, subsequent to the triangulation and data reduction process. The result of the study indicates
that the management and leadership of MAN Model Jember develop quality culture characteristics
based on the following values: 1) discipline, 2) submission to Allah SWT and 3) the desire to constantly
develop. The steps taken by the principal include: 1) the delegation of authority to the Deputy Principal, 2)
improvement of the Madrasah management system, 3) making the values written statements, and 4) optimizing
the available opportunity. Resistance arising due to various changes include: 1) unpunctuality, 2)
leaving the classroom while teaching-learning activity in progress, 3) often ending the lesson early, and 4)
frequently absent. To overcome the resistance the principal take necessary actions including: 1) measurement
of work performance using the scientific method, 2) negotiation and personal approach, 3) increasing
the teachers’ job satisfaction, 4) continuous improvement, and 5) granting broad autonomy. The development
of quality culture has impact on the: 1) madrasah’s reputation in the community, 2) improvement of the
academic and non academic achievement. This study suggest to do benchmarking against the other
madrasahs having higher achievement, and to establish a teacher forum to formulate values and acculturation
system of the values in Madrasah.
Keywords: leadership of madrasah’s principal, quality culture, MAN model Jember

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