Peningkatan Daya Saing Tenaga Kerja Sektor Agroindustri di Indonesia melalui Sertifikasi

Hidayat ., Nugroho Mardi Wibowo, Fatimah Riswati, Faisol Humaidi


Abstract: in the long-term perspective, this study aims to improve Indonesia’s competitiveness through the
application of labor standardization. The specific objectives of this study was, first identify the areas of
competence that must be owned agro-industry sector workforce in Indonesia. Second, formulate a model
strategy (grand strategy) agro-industry sector workforce development in Indonesia. Third,formulate an
effective policy alternatives to improve the competitiveness of agro-industry sector workforce in
Indonesia. Fifth, to formulate indicators of competence as the basis for assessment of the labor certification
in agroindustry sector in Indonesia. The method of analysis used in this study were (a) Analysis of Mapping
Functions work, EFI & EFE Matrix Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Policy Analysis, and Basic Function Analysis.
Based on the analysis of the work function mapping got the result that the area of competence that must
be owned by the agro-sector employment in Indonesia, namely 5 (five) key functions include 1) development
process, 2) development of quality standards, 3) the technical development of packaging, 4) development
of storage , and 5) development of marketing and business strategy. SWOT analysis results indicate that
the agro-industry sector in workforce development is in quadrant III is a grand strategy to turn
aroundstrategy.The alternative strategy of agro-industry sector workforce development in Indonesia include
strategies SO and WO of each there are 4 strategies, ST strategies totaling 3 and WT strategies
amounted to 2.Policy Analysis of the results obtained there are 30 alternative policies agro industrialsector
workforce development. One is the restructuring of the Training Center by establishing a vocational
training center specialized agro-industry. The results of the analysis ofthe basic functions and processes in
the production of agro-industries can be generated 65 competence of workers in the agroindustrialsector
of Indonesia.
Keywords: certification, competency standards, labor, agro-industry

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