Efek Pemediasian Kepercayaan terhadap Pengaruh Kepemimpinan Transformasional pada Komitmen Pegawai Satpol-PP di Eks Karesidenan Banyumas

Adi Indrayanto


Abstract: The research aims to investigate and examine the mediating effect of on employees’ trust, in the
context of transformational leadership at Civilian Para-Police Force Institution in Banyumas Area. It is
expected that the result of the research will provide an account to human resources management literature
with regards to transformational leadership issue.The research is an explanatory study which attempts to
examine and describe the variables using cross-sectional data analysis. Quantitative approach and indepth
interview are employed in this research. The research population consists of all employees of Civilian
Para-Police Force Institution in Banyumas Area (Banyumas, Purbalingga, Cilacap, dan Banjarnegara
regency). Total number of the population is 266 employees, but only 132 respondents returned the questionnaires;
thus, the response rate is 74%. Proportional random sampling is employed as the sampling
technique of the research. Structural Equation Modeling (using AMOS software) is performed for data
analysis purpose. The result shows that trust has mediating effect on the relationship between transformational
leadership and employees’ commitment. The result provides an account in establishing a model of
transformational leadership that will be more effective and suitable for this kind of organization (Civilian
Para-Police Force Institution).
Keywords: transformational leadership, trust, organizational commitment, sem, civilian para-police force

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