Faktor-Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Keputusan Pembelian pada Bioskop 21 Ambon Plaza

Grace Tahapary


Abstract: The aims of this study were to determine and analyze the factors that influencepurchasing decisions at Cinema 21 Ambon Plaza. The hypothesis of this study is that there isa significant influence of the independent variables (independent varible) is the price (Xi)and promotion (X2) on the dependent variable (dependent variable) of purchase decisionson Cinema 21 Ambon Plaza. Variable promotion (promotion) is a dominant variable ininfluencing purchasing decisions on Cinema 21 Ambon Plaza. The method uses a descriptiveanalysis and multiple regression analysis. The results showed that the price variable (X1)and promotion (X2) has a positive and significant influence on purchasing decisions inAmbon Plaza Cinema 21 from the value of F at 148.229 and Determian coefficient (r2) of0.518. The numbers had a meaning that the independent variables consist of pricing variableand promotion be able in explaining that the dependent variable is the purchasingdecision reach 51.8%. The rest, 48,2% explained by other factors which are not included inthis study. In conclusion, there is a positive and significant influence of price and promotionon purchasing decisions at Cinema 21 Ambon Plaza.

Keywords: price, promotion, purchasing decision

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