Membangun Jaringan Pemasaran Industri Kreatif Kerajinan Kayu Ebony di Sulawesi Tengah

Syamsul Bachri, Hilda Monoarfa, Ira Nuriya Santi


Abstract: Creative industries are the economic resources of society are believed to be able toanswer the challenge of the basic problems of the economy in the short and medium nations,namely the relatively low economic growth (an average of only 4.5% per year) after thecrisis, unemployment is still high (9-10%) , high levels of poverty (16-17%). Creative industrieshave a number of constraints, one of which is the lack of access to market players in theindustry (Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, 2012). The problems experienced bythe market access of products of wood crafts creative industries ebony in Central Sulawesi.Aris (2011) argues that the main obstacle is the wooden craft creative industry marketingissues, although local governments always engage in some craft fairs. Crafts ebony (DiospyrosCelebika Bakh) is a craft made of wood fancy (fancy wood) and has a style that is uniqueand distinctive and is done by skilled hands scattered communities in the territories district,so that the creative industry is one of ebony wood craft the potential for regional art at thesame time people’s livelihood in the province of Central Sulawesi. Therefore, this study aimsto identify the network marketing ebony wood craft through survey methods. Integratedmarketing network can improve the performance of creative industries through the ebonywood craft Intensity Networking Marketing, Networking Marketing Strength, proactivityand Marketing Marketing Networking, Networking Diversity.

Keywords: creative industry, network marketing, ebony wood craft, central Sulawesi

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