Analisis Pengaruh Kualitas Produk dan Strategi Harga terhadap Kepuasan Pelanggan, dan Pengaruhnya pada Terbentuknya Word-of-mouth di Perumahan Madani Group Jabodetabek

Agus Irwanto, Fatchur Rohman, Noermijati .


Abstract: This research had the purpose to analyze the effect of quality product, competitive strategy
pricing, on the satisfaction customer and create word of mouth on customer housing madani group. Respondents
in this research were are customer live in house madani group amounted to 92 persons. Data
were are analyzed used Partial Least Square (PLS). Result of this research he results showed a positive
influence quality product and significant impact on customer satisfaction, strategy pricing, and a significant
positive effect on Customer satisfaction has positive and significant impact on positive WOM satisfaction.
Keywords: quality product, price strategy, customer satisfaction. Word of Mouth (WOM)

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