Pengaruh Budaya Organisasi, Kemampuan Kerja dan Komitmen Organisasi terhadap Organizational Citizenhsip Behavior (OCB) Pegawai pada BAPPEDA Kota Pekanbaru

Yohanas Oemar


Abstract: This research aim to know and analysis influence of organization culture, working ability and
organization commitment to organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) of officer of Bappeda Kota Pekanbaru.
On the basis of target, organization culture, working ability and organization commitment is independent
variable and organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) as dependent variable. Population in this research is
officer of Bappeda Kota Pekanbaru amounting to 56 people. By using method of census got sample amount to
56 responder. While used data collecting technique that is with and interview of questioner. For the examination
of hypothesis is use statistical test that is analysis of regression multiple. Examination of legibility of
model obtained by value of adjusted R square is 0,625, meaning 62,5 percent officer organizational citizenship
behavior variation can be explained by variation from third independent variable organization culture, work
ability and organization commitment. While the rest 37,5 percent explained on the score of other cause outside
model. From result of examination of causality obtained by result of which is significant that is organization
culture, working ability and organization commitment influence organizational citizenship behavior variable
with degree of confidence (confident of level) 99 percent. From the result taken conclusion that organization
culture variable, working ability and organization commitment have an effect on significant to officer organizational
citizenship behavior on Bappeda Kota Pekanbaru and organization culture variable have influence
most dominant to officer organizational citizenship behavior.
Keywords: Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB), Organization Culture, Working Ability and Organization

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